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Software Features


Unlike most other services, we offer 3 completely unique platforms in which to choose from. Our state of the art software allows you to personalize your player profiles and gives you the flexibility to maximize your profits while minimizing your risk.
You will be provided with our easy to use Agent software that is considered the best for tracking your player’s activity and generating reports. We also offer you an online Live Bet Ticker, where you can see your player’s bets as they come in. Our bookmaker software is Safe, Secure, and most importantly, User Friendly.


With many years of experience, which we have gained thanks to our online presence, we know what we offer regarding high-end online betting. Of course, we are not left without help; we do not regret our step of signing up with pay per head online betting software that has been a great help first to us at TopPayperhead then to our clients.

We are sure that you too can benefit from our 24/7 online betting services that not only prove an enjoyable venture for you but also a sport that gives you money. While many people believe that dominating the online gaming market is something to be proud of, we tend to look at things from a different perspective. At TopPayperhead, we believe that real pride should emanate from the people, what you have done for them, how it has changed their lives and what and how much you’ve given back to the community.

To that, TopPayperhead does not regret.

We have and will continue to give people the best online gambling services they deserve, making them happy, something you will not find elsewhere. Our high-end pay per head software has many benefits that have changed the lives of thousands of people across the world starting from our neighborhood.

The software puts us on par with other online bookies that are renowned across the globe. You too will feel the same way once you sign up with our pay per head software. With it, you will be able to bet using your cell phone, through a number that is toll-free, which will give you the true versatility of betting from anywhere in the world at a time you desire.

Alternatively, you can bet online as long as you have a PC and access to the internet.

Your customers will never regret to have chosen the software because they will be able to use it in placing their bets around the clock for 365 days. The price will also remain to be a pay per head basis.
Suppose you have a small group of people who are betting as a group should you be worried? Well, you should not. Our package that caters for a pay per head will give you the best gaming experience that will enable all in that small group to enjoy their favorite online sport the same way as if they would as an individual.

It is good to not that the software comes with the ability for your clients to make calls directly to an agent who is placed 24 hours in the call center. This well-versed agent on current matters will listen and offer the necessary help your clients need.

Whether it was raising a complaint, making an inquiry, paying for a bet or issues do to with pending collections, the customer care agent at the call center will address all these matters leaving the client fully satisfied. What else do you want other than these?

Clients will among other things enjoy unlimited betting options they would not find elsewhere. Some of the activities customers will find interesting include favorite sports betting, live casino wagering, horse racing, as well as electronic casino gambling.

On your part, you can monitor all these proceedings from the backend of the pay per head software. Some of the things you can observe are their winnings, tracks, their favorite bets, the number of times your clients are betting on the platform in a day, and even their loss. All these add value to you.

With our software and competent guidance, which we offer through our multi-lingual customer care agents, you will be able to make all the main decisions on some issues about how clients should handle the software. On the other hand, you will also set regulations that govern or restrict individual bettors when logged in the software.

Also, remember that our software allows you to integrate clients’ accounts. The software will make monitoring easy and fast. Additionally, proper integration will make it easy for players to use the same balance. The same balance can be used in spite of whether the player is wagering on horse racing, placing a bet on a sports event, or even playing a live in-game casino on using the software. To help you and your client, why not take advantage of the FREE pay per head software trial. We are offering a trial free of charge for four weeks or 1 month.

You will enjoy among other things, setting up of your account in just a few minutes and a clean and elaborate mobile interface. Access to your reports about various players is available around the clock, clients can enjoy live in-game betting, the pay per head is $10 or less, and payment is only for active players. All these and other will be for you for FREE for only one month.

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