Software Features

TopPayperhead offers one of the widest selections of agent friendly features on the market, including our industry leading reporting, which helps you to easily track and manage your players and stats with just a few simple clicks of the mouse. View a detailed breakdown of your player’s action, set and change limits, check your bottom line. To learn more about some of our most popular reports, simply click on the links below for details.

Sportsbook Platform 1

Platform 1 $4

Create your own custom sportsbook now!

*Internet only, limited CS support. Agent with 100 + active players, call for special pricing.

Top Features:

  • Agent dashboard with total control over your players
  • Fully customizable, easy to use
  • $5 Per active player. No hidden fee’s, No bait & switch
  • Online Cashier, with easy funding options
  • Live in-game Wagering, Casino and Horses
  • Select or hide markets and money lines
  • Add your own players or agents
  • Widest selection of agent friendly reports
  • One price, with no gimmicks or hidden cost

Sportsbook Platform 2

Platform 2

Your Full service Per Head Shop.

Top Features:

  • Easy to navigate Agent dashboard
  • Mobile friendly agent/player interface
  • VIP live Wagering, Casino and Horses
  • Online Cashier, with more Funding Options than anyone in the industry
  • Bet alert and internal messaging system
  • VIP customer service
  • Advanced DDoS Site Protection

Every Online Sports Bookie Should Use Pay Per Head Software

Starting an online bookie business may seem to many people to be a very simple thing. It is not as complicated as it used to be a couple of years ago.

Today, thanks to the right tools such as pay per head software, online bookie business is not as complicated as such.

However, it does not mean that being a bookmaker is a simple thing. On the contrary!

You have to do your utmost if you want to make it in this online sports betting industry. With the help of the latest sophisticated yet elaborate software, your online bookie business will go to the next level in just a few days.

People who had a good idea of venturing into online sports betting business but failed along the way. Some even launched the business, but because they signed up with a cheap pay per head company, they had to pay and survive the hard way.

Still, others after investing all their resources, they failed to implement even utilize pay per head features. Because of that, they lost all their life savings to standard and corrupt software, failure to understand and use the features and lack of understanding.

As for you, it is important that you fully understand every aspect of online bookie business; how it works, who gets what and when. It is also important to know your part as a bookmaker and your share at the end of the day.

Of utmost importance for all online bookmakers is knowing the right pay per head software, the company that offers the right PPH services and the all the notable features and how they work.

If you grasp all these, your online bookie business will soon be at par with gurus that have been in the industry for decades.

Your clients will be delighted to be your loyal customers because you have given them the best and high-end online sports betting software the world of online gambling has ever produced.

Our PPH software is built with some features that enable gamers to enjoy their favorite sports anytime wherever they are. They will do this thanks to the best online sports betting platform that is equipped with the right features.

Our online sports betting software that provides both the online bookie agent and the client with the best gaming experience any time of the day.

You will be able to access clients’ accounts from the backend of the software’s interface that is elaborate.

On the other hand, your customers will be coming back knowing that it is the only site that gives them maximum enjoyment and handles their tickets whenever they have an issue or making an inquiry.

This management will give you a chance to serve your clients diligently. Besides, you will be making millions of dollars in the end thus expanding your business to owning some other subsidiaries.

Your agents too will be happy because first, they will earn their legitimate daily bread and at the same time, serve your clients with ease.

Features Of The Pay Per Head Software

  • Our pay per head software is equipped with a call center
  • The PPH allows you to set up betting rules
  • Ability to create your lines
  • Set minimum limits
  • Comes with 28+ units that are usually separately placed in units
  • Fast and secure accounts management
  • Offers best user experience thanks to its high responsiveness
  • Ability to suspend players without notice (this happens especially when it is evident that there is a 'fishy’ transaction). NB. If there is a suspected transaction, your site may be penalized. It is, therefore, important that you be keen, with the help of our PPH that no 'funny’ business goes on. It should always remain a reputable betting platform.
  • Ability to adjust betting limits for the day, week(s), month and so on. The software accords bookies with the capability to enable and or disable whenever they feel it is right to do so
  • With just a click of a button, you can pull all the day’s week’s and month’s reports, which makes compiling pretty easy. It even aids in the progress of the business
  • It is safe for all online transactions
  • Fast (although it serves many people, does many things on a daily basis, our pay per head software is by far the fastest online bookie software you can ever have
  • Our PPH is very secure (you do not have to worry about your online security. Nobody will access the information you will feed the software. It is not shared with anybody apart from the interface whenever you are logged in
  • It is very colorful. The latest version of our PPH is very presentable. Your clients will love the design and interface especially when they will be betting on live in-game sports

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