1Where are you located?
We are located in San Jose, Costa Rica. Home of the PayPerHead industry.
2How much Do you charge per head?
The cost per active player starts at $4 per head. No Minimums and no hidden fee’s. For more info on pricing see: Click here for info on pricing.
3How long have you been in business?
We have been in the pay per head business for over 14 years.
4What information do you have on my players?
We do not store any personal info in our Database. The only information stored in our database is your player’s username and password.
5What payment methods do you accept?
We offer the easiest deposit options in the Industry. These include: Vanilla gift cards, amazon gift cards, MoneyGram, or Bitcoin
6What is your minimum required number of players needed to open an account?
There is no minimum number of players to start. You are only charged for active players each week.
7Can I add players and or sub agents myself?
Yes, on your agent page there is an option that allows you add players or move existing players to another subagent. You can also add subagent if you have already set your initial account up as a master Agent.
8Do I have to pay a fee for online casino games?
All casino games are included without an extra charge. You can disable on Agent page under player management.
9Do you take a percentage of my winnings?
We charge a flat fee for each active player, each week. You keep 100% of the winnings from your players. (An active player is any player that has made a bet that was graded.)
10Do I collect, and pay locally?
Yes, it is your responsibility to settle up with your players. We do not pay, nor accept payment from your players.
11Are there any additional fees that are not mentioned on your website?
Platform 1 you pay a flat fee of $4 per active player per week. If you would like to add VIP Live wagering the cost would be $7 per player. Online casino and Horses are included in the $5 cost. *platform 1 is internet only with no call center access. Platform 2 you pay a flat fee of $10 per active account each week, if you have 10 or more active clients. Live wagering, casino, horses, and call center are all included in this pricing. *for new agents with less than 10 players the cost is $12
12What is my start-up cost?
We do not charge any setup fee’s. However, we do request an initial deposit that we hold until any advertised free trial expires.
13Can I have my own customized website?
Yes, you can have your own domain name with one of our templates for as low as $100. If you would like your own domain and your own customized web design the cost would range from 25-500 dependent on player count. We can reimburse these cost if your active player count exceeds 25 players every week for the first 90 days.