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Top PPH was started more than 14 years ago with an emphasis on quality customer service and by providing cutting edge software that allows you to manage your players from anywhere. We employ a team of experienced linemakers, setting the sharpest lines in the per head industry. Offering premium bookie software that can be easily customized to display specific real-time information including 20 different reports, such as Weekly Balance, Player setup, Add players/agents, Manage/hide leagues, cash flow, action by player, and many more. In addition, Most PPH providers only offer a call center and have NO FINANCIAL interest in the lines or markets they offer. We not only offer a per head service, but also have post-up business, so we have the same financial interest as you. Our reputation is backed by over 80 years of combined experience. See for yourself why Top PPH enjoys the most loyal client base in the industry.

Our services include:

  • Sportsbook Software (multiple platforms)
  • Mobile friendly Agent reporting
  • Live wagering Software
  • Horse Racing Software
  • Online and Live dealer Casino Software
  • Data Center with backup location and Multiple Uplinks to the Internet and Power Generators(99.9% Uptime Guarantee)
  • Call Center with over 100 Professional English speaking clerks

Business is established; it flourishes and disappears after some time. Online betting business is no exception. It is bound to be extinct after some time.

However, as in some family business cases, there are some types of businesses inherited for a long time. Such kind of business stays and stays for decades even centuries.

We are sure you have some of these examples in mind. There are companies that you have heard of ever since you were a toddler, ever since, societies have been in existence, and nothing seems to be shaking them off their foundation.

That is the case with an online venture. As long as there is the internet, online sports betting is here to stay.

Today, thanks to pay per head software, gamers can enjoy placing their bets on their preferred sports, teams and even horse racing events that in the past.

Therefore, it is prudent to genuinely think about this new and unprecedented online bookie software pay per head. With all its benefits, you are likely to retain all your clients when your competitors in the industry continue to lose several of their customers to offshore bookmakers.

In most cases, independent online bookies together with their agents find themselves in jeopardy when they do not operate under the new and revised versions that come with sophisticated but elaborate software. The beauty about our online bookie software is that you will not only have the best design in the world of online sports betting but also be in a position to make real money. Pay Per Head customers will retain and attract as many customers as you can and be able to serve your clients better that you could do if you could decide to use a different software.

Additionally, your clients will be satisfied with the kind of service they receive from your online portal.

When the customer gets their queries answered, complaints handled and payments made and received for those who want to pay and receive their awards if lucky, they tend to stay put no matter what happens and if possible, refer others to you.

With those few tips on how our pay per head online software works, it is ideal that we also advise you on what your clients expect from you.

As you will realize in our subsequent posts on this site, we will be addressing several pieces that talk about how you need to treat your customers.

It is imperative to know that your client is your employer. Gamblers spend a lot of money some their life savings to try their lucky. If they win a few dollars, the better, if they do not, it means they have in that period during which they played their favorite sport, paid your salary and that of your employees if they are a few for some time.

So it is important to treat your clients with a lot of esteem. They mean a lot more to you as an online sports bookie or an agent.

But do not worry. Whether you operate a big or small company of employees who are under you, at TopPayperhead, we ensure that our services cater for all your clients.

We guarantee you the success that you could not get elsewhere. Our pay per head services designed in a manner that will ensure whatever some visitors you receive on your online portal get satisfied at the end of the day. In the end, our objective is to see you grow into becoming a multi-millionaire online bookmaker or sports bookie agent who delightful and diligently serves thousands of local and foreign clients.

Our aim is to ensure that your business will at least achieve two primary goals among other things. We will carry the blame if by giving you the software; you are unable to attain these two main objectives:

  • Reducing the cost of your expenditure and
  • Tremendously increase your revenue

All the above befits are as a result of you signing up to our pay per head software.

Do not be worried about the amount you are required to pay for each of the clients. Well, as the software tips, it is a pay per head model. Therefore, you are not required to pay any extra amount of money apart from the average $10 that you will pay for each active player.

The outstanding features of our pay per head software that we recommend for you include full access to live games that allow players to enjoy real-time gaming on sports that are still in progress. Enjoy white label casinos offering different casino games such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, horse tracks and many more sports events both locally and internationally.

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